Plug and Play China Works with Sinotrans to Promote the Innovation of Supply Chain and Logistics Companies

On March 29, Plug and Play China, together with supply chain and logistics experts and outstanding technology startups, visited Sinotrans Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sinotrans"). During the one-day Large Enterprise Innovation Day, they discussed about the development trend of logistics and supply chain.


A number of people attended the event, including Gao Xiang, IT Director, Wang Shengyun, Innovation and R & D General Manager of Sinotrans, as well as Jin Zhiying, Vice President of Plug and Play China. During the event, the logistics innovation management expert shared classic cases about technology innovation and digital transformation of supply chain.


In 1950, China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation was established. After three strategic transformations, Sinotrans is becoming a comprehensive logistics integrator and platform operator. In the face of scientific and technological progress in the 21stcentury, the company, with a history of nearly seven decades, actively keeps pace with the times, regards "smart logistics" as its normal innovation, and drive corporate innovation progressively..


IT Director Gao Xiang first introduced the ideas of scientific and technological innovation and digitalization of Sinotrans. He pointed out that, Sinotrans should strengthen cooperation with first-class innovation platforms in the industry, introduce more external resources, and accelerate comprehensive innovation centering on scientific and technological innovation.


Corporate innovation, a road with twists and turns. So as to embrace innovation in the corporate in terms of thinking, organization and operation mechanism, we need to draw lessons from our counterparts. Jin Zhiying, Vice President of Plug and Play China, talked about innovation practice of giants in Silicon Valley. Such presentation was based on Plug and Play's years of experience in global corporate innovation.


Later, logistics innovation management experts explained classic cases on technology innovation and digital transformation of supply chain and exchanged ideas with the guests present.


The communication among corporate broadened each other's scope of mind. And the exchanges with technology startups will help embrace cutting-edge technologies.


Plug and Play China's experts in supply chain and logistics and Sinotrans' business departments selected four excellent technology innovation companies in supply chain and logistics to demonstrate their products. The four companies focused on visual analysis and robot, Industrial Internet, supply chain optimization, and visual SLAM technology.


The Plug and Play Supply Chain Innovation Program aims to build a world-leading platform for innovation and collaboration ecosystem, integrate industry leaders and startups engaged in disruptive technologies, accelerate the applications of technological innovation, and achieve business growth. Currently, it has opened offices in Silicon Valley, Berlin, Shanghai, and Singapore, providing large companies and technology startups with a global ecosystem platform.


Such event aims to help Sinotrans and technology startups understand mutual needs and facilitate the implementation of pilot cooperation projects.

Plug and Play中国 是一家科技创新加速器与投资机构,专注创新生态服务和开放式创新业务。 致力于在投资、创业加速、 企业创新服务、 创新生态、 开放创新、 开放创新、 创新咨询、 创新服务、 等层面立体化帮助创业企业成长,专注 开放式创新 ,并与大企业、城市、大学等展开深度创新生态合作。


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