Plug and Play at CES 2019

As the vane of the science trend, CES has always been a distinguished gathering of innovations. But this time, CES is a bit "boring".

In fact, there have been sporadic bad-mouthing voices in the media since two years ago. However, this is severer this year.

Are global enterprises weak in innovation? Is CES again unpopular?


Perspective of CES: From the innovation concept to implementation of innovation

As a highly anticipated "Spring Festival Gala for Science and Technology", CES is a bit dull this year. Many people gave such an evaluation, "boring", "lack of highlights", and "unpopular".

Looking back at the past achievements of CES, it indeed deserves the title of “vane”whether video recorders and CD players or OLEDs and tablets all are concepts that are first launched at CES.

I’m afraid it is a bit difficult for you to find such an epoch-making new concept at CES 2019. The key words counted by major technology media are still the same as last year, such as 5G, AI, automatic driving, smart home, and 8K TV.

From this perspective, CES is really dull this year, but we see that more companies are exploring the combination of these technologies with products.


Giant flexible screen exhibited by LG

Picture credit to CNET

Take the popular automatic driving in recent years as an example. At this CES, in addition to Mercedes-Benz, Baidu and other old and new players that we are familiar with, the US agricultural machinery factory John Deere unexpectedly gained a lot of attention.

It may be hard to believe, but this huge green machine combines popular technologies such as automatic driving, artificial intelligence, high-precision GPS, and Internet of Things (IoT). It can automatically navigate in the farmland, and accurately configure and spread pesticides and fertilizers. The smart tractor is said to be able to save more than 10% of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

Starting from the real needs of agricultural production, John Deere aimed at the specific scene of precision agriculture, and finally made people shout that tractors can also be smart!

This dramatic case precisely reflected one of the current trends in global innovation, focusing on implementing cutting-edge concepts into actual scenes and focusing on using technological innovation to generate business value.


John Deere's exhibit at CES 2019

Picture credit to Investor's Business Daily

Represented by John Deere, “micro-innovation”, which meets the actual needs of consumers and segments the application scenarios, leads the mainstream. AI, blockchain, IoT and other technologies empower more brands, so that traditional manufacturers make amazing achievements in technical innovation.

Is micro-innovation definitely "inferior" to subversive concept innovation? It is true that subversive innovation can point to the direction of next five or ten years, but micro-innovation that improves efficiency and reduces costs and enables high-grade, precision and advanced products to enter ordinary people's homes is also worthy of praise.


5G takes the lead and AI is still hot

In addition to automatic driving, 5G and AI are still hot topics at CES.

After the concept preheating last year, 2019 is known as the first year of 5G.At CES 2019, Qualcomm announced that it will release more than thirty 5G devices this year, and Intel has also released network system chips for 5G wireless access and edge computing.

In addition to mobile phones with faster network transmissions, the huge imagination space brought by 5G lies in scenes that depend on real-time big data calculations such as automatic driving, IoT, and smart cities.It is worth looking forward to the presentation form of the 5G era of the Internet of Everything in 2019.


Qualcomm's Press Conference at CES 2019

Picture credit to Qualcomm

Compared with the 5G that still holds partly concealed, AI is not news. At this CES, many large and small companies have come up with their artificial intelligence products, creating a feeling of "artificial intelligence everywhere". The user privacy and data security issues involved have also received a lot of attention at this exhibition.

In addition to the technical point, another concern of this CES is the cross-border cooperation between more companies. From “BMW + Tmall” to “Meituan + Valeo” and to Haier's "Internet of Clothing", cross-industry cooperation among corporates with complementation of needs, technologies and scenes is releasing immeasurable innovation vitality.


Global innovation leaders gather in Vegas

The trend that corporates embrace technological innovation sweeps the world. Plug and Play, together with our global partners, also took advantage of CES to share their innovative experiences and look for the next inspiration of innovation cooperation among enterprises.

“CES 2019 Plug and Play China Night” has brought together partners from China.


Scene of "China Night"

Picture credit to Plug and Play

Executives from leading companies such as Cathay Bank, Longfor Group,, and Red Star Macalline discussed China's technological innovation trendsand exchanged ideas with Aquifi, NovuMind and AutoX, three superstar startups in Silicon Valley.

We also hosted a grand reception dinner at Hakkasan, a well-known club in Las Vegas. More than 300 executives from world-renowned companies such as KOITO, Denso, and Sumitomo Electric warmly exchanged ideas while enjoying the night in Vegas.


Scene of reception dinner

Picture credit to Plug and Play


Portfolios of Plug and Play made a stunning debut

Plug and Play took six outstanding innovative startups in Silicon Valley to debut at CES 2019 and gained a lot of attention. The portfolios of Plug and Play China, and NOLO, also made a brilliant debut and gained the attention of global audiences.


Plug and Play at CES 2019

Picture credit to Plug and Play, invested by Plug and Play China, is dedicated to developing artificial intelligence companion robots for children. At CES 2019, woobo gained favor from expert judges and won the CES 2019 Best of BabyTECH Awards - Play and Learn Awardsafter fierce competition.


Media Reported Intelligent Children Companion Robots of Woobo at the CES.

Picture credit to

NOLO brought the world's first immersive VR/AR interactive device NOLO CV1 paired with Oculus Go, allowing the audience to play VR game “Stand Out VR Battle Royale” wirelessly, showing the mobile VR experience of 6DoF, and attracting a large number of audiences to surround for watching and experiencing.


Audiences are Having Trials on VR game “Stand out VR Battle Royale” at NOLO.

Picture credit to NOLO

With the trend of technology and scene landing, CES raised the curtain of innovation in science circle in 2019. Which companies and people will bring new surprises to the world in the next 300 days? We will wait and see.

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