At the beginning of this month, the German Chancellor Scholz successfully visited China, while the European Council President Michel is scheduled to visit China on December 1, as the first meeting following the epidemic, signaling an even closer and more important future cooperation between China, Germany, and Europe.

As an international innovation leader, Plug and Play supports international innovation continuously. During the past year, we have organized six events with Germany, helping to promote more than 30 innovation collaborations between Chinese and German entrepreneurs, institutions, and cities.

在下个月的 12月8日,璞跃中国与German Accelerator以及AHK德国商会大中华区将继续联手,开启 “德国初创企业之夜”第四期活动,继续为中德创新合作注入更多动力。

On December 8th, Plug and Play China, German Accelerator, and AHK Great China are continuously collaborating to host "German Startup Night in China IV".The event will provide opportunities for German startups to network and collaborate with Chinese startups.

第四期将迎来六家有关 元宇宙、食品科技、大健康、教育科技等领域的德国初创企业。本次活动中,六家企业会向中国潜在的合作伙伴们介绍自己,并进行线上直接的社交和沟通。如果您对项目感兴趣,欢迎下滑了解详情。

There are 6 German companies from Metaverse, Food Tech, Health, and Edtech will join the pitching section. The program will help German companies explore business opportunities within the local ecosystem and directly connect with potential partners. Please feel free to scroll down for more information.




MamiLab 提供的产品为成年女性提供一种全新健康的生活方式,尤其是在孕期阶段减少不舒服的症状。它是欧洲第一款为想要孩子、孕妇和哺乳期妇女而设计的维生素和蛋白质奶昔,是市场上传统片剂和颗粒剂的替代品。

MamiLab offers products to support a healthy lifestyle over the entire life cycle of an adult woman, but in particular to reduce unpleasant symptoms during these phases. It is Europe's first vitamin and protein shake for women who want to have children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and is THE alternative to conventional tablets and granules on the market.

Dr.Vanessa van den Boom CEO and Founder

PaulKammerer CSO


Chinese distributors/shop owners

2.合同制造商 Contract manufacturer for possible production in China

3.月子中心 Confinement Center

4.母婴市场准入及营销服务商 Mother & Baby Care market entry and marketing service provider

Dromni 是慕尼黑工业大学宇航学系的衍生公司,致力于开发开创性技术,为元宇宙创作者实现 3D 现实捕捉。Dromni 提供了一个易于使用且价格合理的工具链来捕获 3D 视频并将它们流式传输到现有的沉浸式平台、元宇宙或游戏引擎。

Dromni is a spin-off from the Chair of Astronautics at the Technical University of Munich, developing pioneering technology to enable 3D reality captures for metaverse creators. Dromni offers an easy-to-use and affordable toolchain to capture 3d videos (volumetric) and stream them over existing immersive platforms, the metaverse, or game engines.

Dr.MaximilianPrexl CEO

Rafael Kueckelhaus CMO


VR, AR manufacturers building devices (VR goggles, AR goggles, lightweight glasses)

2.提供企业解决方案的 VR 公司 VR

companies offering enterprise solutions

3.VRchat、Altspace、Bigscreen、Spatio 等沉浸式平台

Immersive platforms such as VRchat, Altspace, Bigscreen, and Spatio

Spherie 是物联网、无人机、多感官和 XR 的结合。它是一种现实捕捉解决方案,用于创建沉浸式媒体和空间数据。Spherie 以 360° 视频和 3D 扫描的形式捕捉室外和室内环境的全球面。

Spherie is a REALITY CAPTURE SOLUTION to create immersive media and spatial data. Spherie captures the outdoor and indoor environment full spherical as 360° video and 3D-scan. It is the combination of IoT, drones, multi-sensory and XR.

Nicolas Chibac Co-founder


Drone/drone components producers (chips, motors, cameras, sensors)


Metaverse Player, VR Platform Company


Value Partners,such as:local governments, shopping malls, museums, zoo, or national parks


Manufacturers of drone components, such as camera lens


SAMPOCHEM develops chemical additives for baked goods, meat and convenience products. Our products are easy-to-use and suitable for dry premixes, and have a low environmental and health impact. The product is multifunctional and efficient (reduce sodium, preservatives). Shelf-life extension + structural improvement + reduction of foodborne toxins.

AndréBrendler Managing Director

Lucas Brendler Managing Director



Suppliers of acetic acid


Potential customers in the food industry bakery/processed food companies (long shelf life)

StudyCentral 是一个面向大学的在线校园平台。该平台将多种工具(班级/群组管理、通信、文件共享和存储)中最需要的功能组合成一个轻量级、易于访问信息和共享文件的应用程序,便于教育工作者管理学生和群组。

StudyCentral is an online campus platform for universities. The platform takes the most needed features of several tools (Class/Cohort management, Communications, File sharing and storage) and combined into one app that is light-weight, easy to access information and share files, easy for educators to manage students and cohorts as well as communicate without the concerns of GDPR.

Kai Cui Co-founder



Higher education institute


Private lecturing industry, Language Schools

SciFlow 支持研究人高效地撰写他们的研究成果,并支持他们的机构以可访问的方式发表研究成果。将 SciFlow 视为面向学术界的 Google Docs。根据作者指南自动格式化、编辑工作流程以及参考管理器和语言服务的集成是我们的创作平台的突出特点,被 Max Planck 和 Helmholtz 等领先研究机构使用。

SciFlow supports researchers in writing their research effectively and their institutions publishing it accessibly. Think of SciFlow as Google Docs for academia. Automated formatting according to author guidelines, editing workflows, and integration of reference managers and language services are prominent features of our authoring platform used by leading research institutions like Max Planck and Helmholtz.

Dr. CarstenBorchert CEO and Co-founder



Public and Private Universities

2.研究机构 Research institutes







The cross-border team bridges the gap between countries around the world and the most important world markets.We primarily work with international government agencies and organizations, technology parks and incubators, public corporations, cities and universities to provide education and support on startup acceleration, city innovation, and cross border collaboration. We also help source, identify, and accelerate the most promising startups from various countries and regions’ ecosystems.We provide International Accelerator Programs, Cross Border Deal-flows, Ecosystem Connect Events, workshops, consulting Reports, go overseas activities to boost startups and international organizations to the next level. We create synergistic opportunities for all players in our ecosystem, and aim to provide a multi-faceted guide for startups on various fronts. Focusing on the demands and various elements faced by cross border development.Every year, we run cross border acceleration programs, each with 10 to 20 startups. The program's duration varies between one month and three months in length and has a high level of one-on-one training, coaching, and mentorship. By connecting the best technology startups in the industry and investing our time and resources into them, we create an empowering ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs and their startups to enter and grow in the overseas markets.


德国加速助力德国初创企业在全球范围拓展业务,带领高潜力的公司踏上快速学习之旅,了解、发现并进入位于美国和亚洲的世界领先的创新中心。通过高度量身定制的项目,专家的指导,以及庞大的商业伙伴和投资者网络,德国加速帮助来自各个阶段和不同行业的初创企业进入国际市场并取得成功。自2012年启动以来,德国加速的加速计划已经培育了500多家初创企业,迄今为止融资超过49亿美元。值得一提的是, 德国加速由German Entrepreneurship运营,并得到德国联邦经济事务和气候行动部(BMWK)的资金支持。更多信息请访问 www.germanaccelerator.com, 或关注微信公众号"GEA_official"。

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关于 Plug and Play China 璞跃中国

2006年成立于硅谷的璞跃(Plug and Play)是全球科技创新平台引领者,曾先后成功早期投资孵化了Google、PayPal、Dropbox 等多家互联网行业科技巨头公司,业务涵盖:早期投资、企业创新服务、创新生态空间运营等。经过10余年的发展和超过20年的长期积累,目前在全球设立40多个创新生态空间和区域办公室;累计投资超过1600家初创企业,为超过17000家初创企业进行孵化加速,为超过500家全球领先大企业提供联合创新服务,年平均举行初创企业和大企业间的对接交流活动1000余场。

2015年,在中国双创浪潮下,璞跃入华,2016年“璞跃中国(Plug and Play China)”成立。




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Plug and Play中国 是一家科技创新加速器与投资机构,专注创新生态服务和开放式创新业务。 致力于在投资、创业加速、 企业创新服务、 创新生态、 开放创新、 开放创新、 创新咨询、 创新服务、 等层面立体化帮助创业企业成长,专注 开放式创新 ,并与大企业、城市、大学等展开深度创新生态合作。


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