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大家好!作为创新领域最活跃的平台之一,Plug and Play China璞跃中国移动出行团队希望能在行业快速变化的背景下,整合行业前沿技术信息,以及Plug and Play全球月度创新热点,为大家提供不同维度的创新方法和创新案例。因此,在每月月中和月终的微信公众号平台,移动出行团队将整理、编辑并向伙伴们分享一份Plug and Play China璞跃中国精心筛选的出行行业要闻速递。欢迎大家阅读!

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As one of the most active platforms in the field of innovation, the Plug and Play China Mobility team hopes to embrace the rapid changes in the industry. We wish to provide our readers with innovative methods cases in different dimensions by integrating industry cutting-edge technology information and Plug and Play global monthly innovation hotspots.

So here comes our Plug and Play China Mobility newsletter, full of innovation keypoints of the month for our partner and friends.


AutoX completes China's first all-zone, all-area, all-vehicle unmanned RoboTaxi operation zone


11月16日,从AutoX安途官方获悉其已经建成中国首个全区、全域、全车无人驾驶的RoboTaxi运营区。从区域到车的采用的系统主要来自于旗下AutoX Gen5系统。具体来看,AutoX这一运营区已完全覆盖深圳市坪山区大小街道,全域168平方公里,是截止目前中国面积最大的完全无人驾驶运营域。

On November 16, AutoX Antao officially learned that it has built China's first all-area, all-domain, all-vehicle driverless RoboTaxi operation area. The system adopted from the area to the car is mainly from its AutoX Gen5 system. Specifically, AutoX has completely covered the large and small streets in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, with a total area of 168 square kilometers, which is the largest completely driverless operation area in China up to now.

Baraja推出全球首个用于L4级自动驾驶的LiDAR系统Spectrum HD

Baraja Launches Spectrum HD, the World's First LiDAR System for L4 Autonomous Driving

据外媒报道,为自动驾驶汽车开发Spectrum-ScanTM LiDAR的技术公司Baraja宣布推出量产版Spectrum HD,这是全球首个用于L4级自动驾驶的LiDAR系统,并预计于2022年提供样品。该系统可提供高性能的传感范围,在硬件级别具有每点多普勒(Doppler)功能,基于Baraja专有的Spectrum-Scan固态扫描平台打造,Spectrum HD标志着汽车LiDAR的一次飞跃,采用全新设计,旨在彻底重塑汽车看待周围的世界的方式,以实现真正的自动驾驶。每单位成本低于1000美元,以实现汽车集成。

Baraja, the technology company developing Spectrum-ScanTM LiDAR for self-driving cars, announced the production version of Spectrum HD, the world's first LiDAR system for L4 autonomous driving, and expects to offer samples in 2022, according to a foreign media report. The system offers high performance sensing range, with Doppler per point (Doppler) capability at the hardware level, built on Baraja's proprietary Spectrum-Scan solid-state scanning platform, Spectrum HD marks a quantum leap in automotive LiDAR with a new design designed to completely reshape the way cars see the world around them for truly autonomous driving. and a cost per unit of less than $1,000 for automotive integration.


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: research and development of car networking, artificial intelligence and other important areas of data security standards



On November 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference on the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the development of the information and communication industry. Du Guangda, deputy director of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the need to "effectively safeguard national data security. With the accelerated development of the digital economy, data has become a new type of production factors, strengthening data governance, data security is a matter of national security and people's rights. The field of industry and information technology carries a large amount of important data related to national security and livelihood, data security protection is a major responsibility.


New urban infrastructure construction pilot expansion of the pilot, intelligent network link into the wind



November 16 from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development was informed that in 2021, China's new urban infrastructure construction pilot expanded to 21 cities (districts), in order to accelerate the construction of new urban infrastructure based on digital, networked, intelligent, to explore the accumulation of replicable and replicable mechanism model. 2020, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Chongqing, Fuzhou, Jinan and other 16 pilot cities to carry out The first batch of new urban infrastructure construction pilot, 2021 to increase Tianjin Binhai New Area, Yantai, Wenzhou, Changsha, Changde, etc. as pilot cities (districts). At the same time, it also organized a series of special pilot projects such as the construction of City Information Model (CIM) infrastructure platform, intelligent municipalities and intelligent construction. Since the pilot work of new urban infrastructure construction has been carried out, it has driven the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, expanded the residents' community consumption, and the benefits in economic and social aspects have gradually emerged.


Dickson Westwood Leads Series B $300 Million Investment in MAXIEYE  to Accelerate Smart Driving for All



November 18, 2021, China's intelligent driving and intelligent travel core technology service provider MAXIEYE announced that the company has recently completed 300 million yuan of Series B financing. This round of financing was led by Dexiawei, followed by People's Daily Fund, Shanghai FTZ Fund and Chung Wah Investment, and increased by old shareholders such as Starlight as. This round of funding will be mainly used to supplement the scale mass production landing investment of passenger car intelligent driving products, as well as further research and development reserves of higher-order autonomous driving technology. As of 2021, the main providers of L1-L2 level ADAS products in the Chinese market are still foreign companies. However, in the past two years, domestic ADAS suppliers, which are more open in software algorithm and hardware selection, are also pouring into the front-loading market. In the passenger car ADAS market, MAXIEYE has chosen the 100,000 yuan class as the first segment entry point to ensure that the price is affordable while establishing a market and user base for the future evolution of higher-level autonomous driving technology products.


Ambilight completed a series C financing of hundreds of millions of dollars


日前,光羿科技完成了华平投资领投,鼎和高达、高鹄资本跟投的数亿美元C轮融资,高鹄资本担任独家财务顾问。光羿科技是全球第一家提出天幕产品解决方案的服务商,针对汽车顶部的智能化光线管理问题,通过电致变色技术智能调节进入车内的光线,能在一定程度上迎合用户多场景使用的需求,解决视野和热量平衡的问题。目前产品已经率先在国内多家汽车品牌实现落地。据了解 ,本轮融资将用于电致变色(Electrochromics,简称EC)新产品的研究与开发、产能扩张、全球商业化推广等。

Recently, Ambilight  has completed a Series C financing round of hundreds of millions of dollars led by Warburg Pincus, followed by Dinghe Gouda and High Swan Capital, with High Swan Capital as the exclusive financial advisor. It is the world's first service provider to propose a canopy product solution for intelligent light management on top of cars, which can intelligently adjust the light entering the car through electrochromic technology, catering to the needs of users in multiple scenes to a certain extent and solving the problem of vision and heat balance. At present, the product has already taken the lead in many domestic automobile brands to realize the landing. It is understood that this round of financing will be used for the research and development of new Electrochromics (EC) products, capacity expansion, and global commercialization.




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关于 Plug and Play China 璞跃中国

2006年成立于硅谷的Plug and Play是一个全球知名的创新生态平台,曾先后成功早期投资孵化了Google、PayPal、Dropbox 等多家互联网行业科技巨头公司,业务涵盖:早期投资、企业创新服务、创新生态空间运营等。经过10余年的发展和超过20年的长期积累,目前在全球18个国家和地区设立30多个创新生态空间和区域办公室;累计投资超过1500家初创企,为超过17000家初创企业进行孵化加速,为超过500家全球领先大企业提供联合创新服务,年平均举行初创企业和大企业间的对接交流活动1000 余场。

2015年,随着Plug and Play的全球业务发展,在中国双创浪潮下,Plug and Play 进入中国,2016年“璞跃中国(Plug and Play China)”成立。

Plug and Play China 璞跃中国立足北京——中国总部,布局上海、深圳两大区域创新中心,联动南京、武汉、无锡等城市创新合作伙伴开展中国创新业务。

Plug and Play China 璞跃中国开设企业创新服务、城市创新服务、投资、创新空间四大业务板块,构建了中国领军的线上线下创新平台,并为之配套构建了包括大企业、初创公司、城市伙伴、风险投资机构、高校科研院所、行业导师等多维度的创新生态伙伴体系。

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