Plug and Play宣布与比利时AI公司Sentiance合作,共同开拓中国AI领域市场


陈肖纯博士 - Plug and Play中国联合创始人, Toon Vanparys - Sentiance 全球 CEO

Seated first row: Dr. Shawn Chen - Plug and PlayChina Co-founder, Toon Vanparys - Sentiance CEO

作为全球最大的开放式创新平台,Plug and Play(Plug and Play)正式宣布与Sentiance,世界领先的人工智能用户行为分析公司的合作。合作双方将针对国内市场巨大潜力,共同开发适用于中国市场的解决方案。作为Sentiance的合作方,Plug and Play中国将全面调动其在中国的企业、政府及投资人资源,帮助项目拓展中国市场。通过Plug and Play跨境项目,Sentiance将在中国市场快速提升市场占有率,并进一步巩固其在AI智能行为分析方面的领先地位。

ANTWERP, Belgium and Beijing, China (December 19, 2017)-Plug and Play (Plug and Play), the world’s largest open innovation platform has announced its partnership with Sentiance, a global leader in AI-powered technology for behavioral intelligence, to take root and develop joint offerings to address the vast opportunities in the Chinese market. As Sentiance’s local partner, Plug and PlayChina will utilize its extensive network of corporate partners, government partners, and investment partners in China to drive and accelerate their growth in the market. Leveraging Plug and Play’s Cross Border Program, Sentiance will extend its market leadership to China and reinforce itself as the gold standard in AI-powered solutions for behavioral intelligence.

Plug and Play联合创始人陈肖纯博士在签约仪式后提到:“我们很荣幸宣布Plug and Play将作为Sentiance的合作伙伴进入中国市场。我们相信Sentiance提供的顶尖机器学习技术可以在中国得到广泛应用,尤其是在移动出行、智慧城市、商业地产及保险等领域。我们将共同携手引领数据分析的新视角,帮助企业对他们的用户数据有全新的理解和认识。”

Plug and PlayChina’s co-founder Dr. Shawn Chen commented after the signing: “It’s a great pleasure to announce our partnership with Sentiance in entering the Chinese market. We believe the cutting-edge machine learning technology that Sentiance provides could be widely adopted here in China, especially within the mobility, smart city, commercial real estate and insurance industry. Together we wish to bring a new perspective into data processing, and help businesses understand their customers in a whole new level.”

“让我们印象特别深刻的是Plug and Play团队极高的专业度以及资源调动的反馈速度”,Sentiance 的 CEO,Toon Vanparys 补充道,“Plug and Play 充分把握了 Sentiance 几个关键领域在中国的市场机会,介绍了正合适的资源和机会给我们。我们确信 Plug and Play 是我们进入中国市场最理想的合作伙伴。”

“We’re extremely impressed with the professionalism and speed of the Plug and PlayChina team and resources.” adds Toon Vanparys, CEO of Sentiance. “Plug and Play grasped the Sentiance opportunity in China in our key verticals and is introducing us to the right contacts and opportunities. Plug and Play gives us confidence that they are the ideal partner for us to enter the China market.”

关于Plug and Play

Plug and Play(以下简称 “Plug and Play“)专注于打造全球化科技创新生态平台。Plug and Play总部位于美国硅谷,经过十余年的发展,Plug and Play已在全球搭建了与近万家创业公司共同成长的创新生态体系。Plug and Play的跨境加速项目为期六个月,旨在帮助海外创新公司在中国这个全世界发展最快的市场中生根发展。更多信息请查看:,或联系

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play (Plug and Play) is the world’s leading open innovation platform with 25 innovation centers around the globe. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Playhas built a global innovation ecosystem over more than 10 years of development, fostering the growth of thousands of startups. Our Cross Border Acceleration Program is a 6-month program that is specifically designed to help overseas startups take root and grow in China, the world’s fastest growing economy. See also Contact:


Sentiance的AI平台将IOT及智能手机的传感器数据转化成丰富的对用户行为数据以及实时场景分析的深入理解。这些信息可以帮助公司以深度个性化的方式与他们的客户建立密切关系。Sentiance 的技术已经应用在保险、大健康、移动出行、智能家居、车联网以及商业应用等领域。更多信息请查看:


About Sentiance

Plug and Play中国 是一家科技创新加速器与投资机构,专注创新生态服务和开放式创新业务。 致力于在投资、创业加速、 企业创新服务、 创新生态、 开放创新、 开放创新、 创新咨询、 创新服务、 等层面立体化帮助创业企业成长,专注 开放式创新 ,并与大企业、城市、大学等展开深度创新生态合作。


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