Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee and Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Secretary meets with Rahim Amidi the founder of Plug and Play

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On November 22, Mr. Zhang Jinghua, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee and Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Secretary, met with Rahim Amidi, the President of Amidi Group and Founder of Plug and Play and his team.

Mr. Zhang Jinghua welcomed Amidi’s first visit to Nanjing, and introduced Nanjing’s characteristics and the construction situation of this innovative city. He said, China’s economy is at a critical stage of continuous transformation of new and old driving forces. Innovation is an important topic that every city must study seriously and the first driving force that must be closely relied on in order to promote development. In recent years, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, with the construction of innovative city with global influence as the starting point, through creating a first-class innovation ecosystem, especially build a market mechanism to solve the problem of “Last Mile” of the transformation of technological achievements, stimulate the vitality of science and education resources, gather talents for innovation and entrepreneurship, and incubate high-tech enterprises, so as to provide strong support for promoting the economic growth of Nanjing. It has set up a new way of innovation-driven development with Nanjing characteristics. Plug and Play is a well-known technological innovation accelerator across the globe. It has rich experience in mining innovation resources, building innovation platforms, screening startups and other aspects, and has created many advanced practices, which are worth learning. There is a broad space for cooperation between the two sides. We hope that Plug and Play will carry out in-depth cooperation with Nanjing, hold high-level industrial docking activities, jointly promote the construction of innovation business incubators and industrial landmark innovation hubs, jointly create a more inclusive, attractive and competitive innovation and entrepreneurship environment, gather and incubate more high-quality enterprises, and create a bright future in win-win cooperation.

 Rahim Amidi expressed, China is the largest market of Plug and Play in the world. Plug and Play attaches great importance to its business in China and is carrying out extensive in-depth cooperation with all walks of life in China. Nanjing is a beautiful city with an excellent environment, a strong innovation atmosphere and a good business environment. We are very interested in the measures and policies for the construction of innovative city of Nanjing. We are looking forward to in-depth cooperation with Nanjing to build more communication platforms, cooperation platforms and incubation platforms, and create more cooperation opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises with potentials and world-class large enterprises.

Municipal leaders Shuhai Xu, Yuejian Jiang, and the CEO of Plug and Play China Peter Xu attended the meeting.

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