Jointly Build Medical Innovation Ecosystem and Share Scientific and Technological Welfare Together

2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference is being held now with a theme of “Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities”. Scientists and entrepreneurs from the global intelligence field, as well as hundreds of innovation enterprises at home and abroad have participated the conference. 


Many technologies and products of “AI + Medical” are on display at the conference. From computer aided diagnosis, early cancer screening to robotic surgery, artificial intelligence runs through every link of medical services. In the meantime, “AI + Medical” is also the focus of the Plug and Play Health&Wellness sector.


At the Selection Day of Health&Wellness Batch 0 held in Shanghai on August 28, we focused on the four major areas of Chronic Disease Management, In Vitro Diagnosis, Mobile Health and AI/Big Data/Block Chain. It attracted more than 140 participants from pharmaceutical enterprises, diagnostic enterprises, equipment enterprises, medical institutions, startups as well as medical investment institutions.


Plug and Play Health&Wellness Focus Area


Business Leader of Plug and Play China Health&Wellness vertical Ms. Joy Wen introduces: “Plug and Play Innovation Ecosystem Platform is dedicated to creating innovative services and products for pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment enterprises and medical institutions in the transformation of science and technology and setting up industry standards and innovation mechanisms for medical institutions, industry associations and government platforms. It also achieves full link of platform partners for many startups, solves the core pain points between diagnosis and treatment, doctors and patients through cross-border cooperation with insurtech, Internet of Things, Supply Chain and Logistics and other business sectors to improve medical quality and efficiency and create a healthier medical ecosystem that better serves the development trend of the aging society.”


Ms. Joy Wen, Business Leader of Plug and Play China Health&Wellness Innovation


Plan of Health China 2030 mentioned that we should aim at improving people’s health as the core and take the reform and innovation of system and mechanism as motive force to popularize healthy life, optimize health service, perfect health guarantee, build healthy environment and develop healthy industry. We should adhere to the following four principles: health first, reform and innovation, scientific development, fairness and justice and achieve the goal of “Health for All”.


Plug and Play China Health&Wellness Innovation Ecosystem Platform shall adhere to these principles and forge ahead with medical enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises and technological enterprises on industry development and innovation to promote industrial upgrading and breakthrough of barriers. 


Mr. Peter Xu, Managing Partner and CEO of Plug and Play China, expressed in the conference: We live in a world of entrepreneurial economy. Plug and Play Innovation Ecosystem Platform has built an efficient docking mechanism for large enterprises and startups, funding medical industry to speed up the upgrading of the whole industry. It comes from science and technology sharing in cross-border areas and shall dedicate to improve the level of human medical services and health management.


Mr. Peter Xu, Managing Partner and CEO of Plug and Play China

Plug and Play Health& Wellness vertical was established in Silicon Valley in 2015, and has successfully organized 12 Batches around different technology fields worldwide. Large enterprise partners cover new drug R&D, medical equipment, medical diagnosis, medical institutions and other sub-areas.


During the Selection Day of this Batch, world-renowned medical and health enterprises like Roche, CR Pharmaceutical Group, Merck, Johnson & Johnson as well as leading enterprises in related industries like Redhill Capital, ZhongAn Insurance jointly participated in the project selection.


Guests of large enterprises attending the on-site activities (Partial)


Bing Xu, Head of IT department of Roche Diagnostics China, shared in the meeting about “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence + Medical Diagnosis”:


Empower Medical Diagnosis Innovation through Digital Technology. Roches innovative cooperation with Plug and Play began in Germany. In their acceleration plan at that time, it cooperated with and Vitl to achieve POC cooperation.


From Europe to China and then to the whole world, internal innovation and external innovation cooperation shall work together to enrich innovative solutions of Roche Medical on Plug and Play Innovation Ecosystem Platform. 


Mr. Bing Xu, Head of IT department of Roche Diagnostics China


Capital investment is indispensable to the process of innovation and development of medical industry. As an early investment institution focusing on the medical industry, relying on its deep insight and rich investment experience in the medical industry, Redhill Capital will work with Plug and Play to discover and collect excellent venture projects on this track, and carry out more in-depth joint venture cooperation in the future.


Founding Partner of Redhill Capital, Mr. Zhenbo Su


Plug and Play Innovation Ecosystem Platform has set up innovation acceleration centers in 28 cities around the world. Through connecting with the world’s leading innovative projects, it can realize the exchange and cooperation between large enterprises and startups, cross-border communication and further promote the upgrading of the industry worldwide as well as real-time insights into the cutting-edge trends. In this event, the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi led the team to attend and share the cooperation between Plug and Play and the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi in medical health and insurtech in the Middle East.


Senior Adviser of the Department of Health of Abu Dhabi, Drik Richter


AI Empowered Medical Applications and Innovation

The conference also invited Mr. Tong Chen, IBM Chief Medical Officer, Mr. Ruobing Xia, HLT Real World Insight and Consulting Director, Mr. Qingge Mao, Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific Innovation Center Senior Director and Mr. Hao Wu, Strategy and Business Development Deputy Director of Roche Asia Pacific Region to attend the Panel. 


Under the host of Ms. Joy Wen, Director of Plug and Play China’s Health&Wellness sector, the innovative leaders of all enterprises have conducted interactions and discussions on the topic of “AI Empowered Medical Applications and Innovation”.


“AI Empowered Medical Applications and Innovation” Panel


As the world’s largest information technology and business solution company, IBM has been focused on human health and is committed to integrating big data and AI technologies into the applications in medical industry. Roche Diagnostics has been exploring the combination of detection and Data + AI. Johnson & Johnson introduced the overall layout of AI and some application scenarios that have begun to be tested. HLT has been focusing on clinical AI research, focusing on the use of artificial intelligence and human intelligence to achieve optimal medical research and service, using the company’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for medical management and realization.

List of Enterprises on Selection Day of Medical and Health Batch 1 

After many rounds of professional review and technical discussion, 19 startups finally entered the current Batch Selection Day.


19 startups

 On the Selection Day, the judges of large enterprises jointly selected the startups in the Batch to enter the acceleration stage. After three months of acceleration and empowerment, the cooperation between high quality startups and large enterprises will be gradually deepened and implemented. The innovation results of both sides will be released on the Expo Day in December.


Plug and Play Health& Wellness

Plug and Play Health& Wellness vertical field was established in Silicon Valley in 2015. Up to now, it has successfully organized 12 Batches around different technology fields, and has accelerated nearly 200 outstanding entrepreneurship projects. Since its entry into China in 2018, combined with local industrial structure and enterprise resources, Plug and Play Health& Wellness Team has carried out a number of industry innovation activities in Shanghai, Xiong’an, Wuxi and other cities with partners such as CR Pharmaceuticals, Amgen and Roche, attracting more than 300 high quality technology startups to join Plug and Play China Health& Wellness Open Innovation Platform. 

Plug and Play中国 是一家科技创新加速器与投资机构,专注创新生态服务和开放式创新业务。 致力于在投资、创业加速、 企业创新服务、 创新生态、 开放创新、 开放创新、 创新咨询、 创新服务、 等层面立体化帮助创业企业成长,专注 开放式创新 ,并与大企业、城市、大学等展开深度创新生态合作。


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