Health+Insurtech Cross-vertical Focus Week Explores the Next Innovation Opportunity

On August, Plug and Play China Health and Insurtech jointly held the Batch 0 and Batch 2 Selection Day.


After exhibition and selection, the corporates of the two verticals selected the startups that they want to establish cooperation with to enter the Batch, and carried out in-depth communication and discussion.


During the Batch, the team of Plug and Play China provides a variety of added value for the cooperation between corporates and startups with the help of multiple areas and global resources of the “Innovation Platform”.


Centering on the theme of “Chronic Disease Management”, Health and Insurtech teams initiated “Chronic Disease Management Innovation Focus Week” together and conducted cross-vertical communication with the corporates and startups in these two industries.


Health+InsurtechOpen Innovation Opportunities for Chronic Disease Management


On September 25, corporates and outstanding startups in health and insurance industries gathered at Plug and Play China Shanghai Regional Innovation Center to explore how to break through the service boundary between health services and insurance products and create a new ecosystem of “Health + Insurtech”.


Plug and Play China Health and Insurtech teams noticed that the cooperation between health and insurance have always been one of the closest directions in cross-sectoral cooperation. In recent years, the bilateral cooperation between health and insurance industries has become more frequent and in-depth.


From the policy point of view, the health care reform policy pursued by our country that has always been implemented and the Plan of Health China 2030, the combination of health and commercial insurance has always been a crucial topic.


In terms of the needs of corporates themselves, the business of both sides are closely linked, and they can cooperate in many aspects in the industrial chain, so as to promote the development of medical technology with the needs of insurance and improve the product and service system of the insurance industry with the needs of medical services.

With the emergence and development of big data, artificial intelligence, gene sequencing and other technologies, cross-border fusion has created many unknown possibilities.


Guests from corporates attending the Focus Week

Achieving interconnection and win-win result, polishing the new ecological model of chronic diseases


Speech by Qiao Dan, the Vice President of Plug and Play China


Qiao Dan, the Vice President of Plug and Play China expressed in his speech at that day:


This Focus Week chooses chronic diseases management as its theme, conducts in-depth discussion of the cooperation aspects between large medical enterprises and insurance companies, and joins hands with the on-site startups to polish the innovative business model in the chronic disease ecosystem.


11 startups participated in the Focus Week

This time, we invited startups related to chronic disease management in Health and Insurtech Batch and hoped to build a win-win cooperation ecosystem in all directions through the direction of gene sequencing, wearable devices, AI diagnosis, Big Data Risk Control and personalized health management and to explore cooperation and innovation business models with enterprises in both fields from the perspective of startups.


Industry experts help startups grow

At that day, according to the actual needs of startups, the team of Plug and Play China also invited legal experts, investment experts and industry experts to share experiences and answer the questions of entrepreneurs.


Senior partners of law firms and experts in the direction of intellectual property law explained the content of patent protection to the audiences. Lawyers popularize knowledge of trademarks, patents, copyrights, copyrights and other aspects to everyone in a simple way, and help improve the awareness of intellectual property protection of the startups teams with vivid and interesting cases.


Sharings on Intellectual Property Protection 


Dr. Chen Tong, Chief Health Officer of IBM China, has conducted one-to-one communication with startups. From the perspective of investors and industry experts, he had in-depth exchanges with entrepreneurs on such topics as technological background and business model.


One-to-one mentor exchange in medical health

Richard Cheng, an industry mentor of insurtech, former CIO of Shanghai Insurance, reviewed the development of insurance industry in China and the United States for startups, shared his views on market trends, and discussed potential opportunities and risks with startups.


Sharings of Insurtech Mentors


The innovation ecosystem of “Health+Insurtech” is still growing, more cross-industry and cross-vertical innovations are also in full swing.


Nowadays, “Synergy” is becoming the theme of the world. Industry boundaries and technology boundaries have been broken. More and more enterprises choose to embrace the outside world, but they are worried that they cannot find suitable partners.


There’s over 10 leading players and emerging challengers on the innovation ecosystem platform of Plug and Play China. Here, cross-vertical communication has become simple and efficient, and many enterprises have found partners, benchmarking customers and investment opportunities.



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