Plug and Play China attended AmCham China 2019 Technology Innovation Summit


AmCham China 2019 Technology Innovation Summit was held in Beijing. Over 200 senior executives, startuos, industry experts and 30 speakers jointly discussed business recently and technology in the future.


As a digital circle partner of the Technology and Innovation Initiative of AmCham China, Peter Xu, the Managing Partner and CEO of Plug and Play China, was invited to the summit and delivered a keynote speech, and shared the innovative insights of Plug and Play with guests.


The Era of Startup Economy


“We are living in an era of Startup Economy, a new management revolution era of “value-centered management”, Peter Xu expressed, “Technological innovation enterprises will become the challengers of the industry.”


 “Startup Economy” not only belongs to some specific “entrepreneurs”, it runs through all levels of society: large enterprises provide platforms and ecological infrastructure. Startups promote the technology applications in vertical fields. In this way, they can provide better products and services to the customers.


In this process, startups rely on innovative technology to promote changes in the industry, and traditional enterprises also rely on startups to solve existing challenges.


Undoubtedly, in the current entrepreneurial economy, a large number of startups are emerging as powerful industry challengers.


 “If you look at thermodynamic diagram of chip industry in China, there are still a lot of giant companies as well as some startups. They will change the industry in the next two years.” Peter Xu said.


However, in the entrepreneurial economy, traditional enterprises have to face challenges like interference on judgment from the external world, high cost of searching for startups and professional knowledge barriers. “Precision” and “High Efficiency” are the puzzles that enterprises need to solve urgently in the process of innovation and collaboration.


In view of the opportunities and challenges faced by enterprises of different stages and scales in the Startup Economy, Plug and Play put forward a “All-in-one Solution” based on the global technology innovation network.


Focusing on startups, we shall provide an all-round resource circulation platform, such as capital support, community exchange, mentors, acceleration, government innovation and corporate innovation, to promote the process of world development through innovation interconnection.


Besides macro vision, innovation should also adopt measures suiting local conditions. Different types of enterprises, different regions of enterprises, different time intervening in innovation and different degree of participation in innovation also lead to their different innovation paths and modes. The success of innovation cannot be simply reproduced, and the exploration of patterns is based on a large number of practices and observations.


The Startup Economy is not just a single platform, but synergy and interconnection. We welcome more and more partners to join us!


For tomorrows Science and Technologies, wisdom and innovation will create winners.

On the same day, Plug and Play China also brought six excellent technological startups to the stage to show their technologies and more than 200 guests present intuitively experienced the corner of Plug and Play’s innovation ecosystem.


Just finished its roadshow, the founder of Youshi Technology, an Unmanned Retail Car Manufacturer, received the invitation for cooperation with British Petroleum (BP). They plan to further explore the application of small unmanned distribution cars in BP convenience stores in the future. Several other hard&core technology projects focusing on intelligent manufacturing, medical health, artificial intelligence and other directions have also received positive feedbacks from on-site audiences.


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